Did you know that Portsmouth, New Hampshire hosted a peace conference that led to the Treaty of Portsmouth which was signed on September 5, 1905 ending the war between Russia and Japan?

Did you know that people were working from a spiritual/religious perspective on behalf of peace?

Did you know that in 2005 many people commemorated and celebrated this treaty in a way that took on a life of its own?

Did you know that people are working for peace using spiritual/religious prinicples today?

Find out here!


"Don Alusic's brilliant and carefully developed video on the Portsmouth peace talks clearly demonstrates the critical role that non-governmental actors can play in influencing the outcomes in disputes among governments.  Alusic faithfully portrays the contributions that religious and spiritual leaders made during the series of events that eventually persuaded Russian and Japanese leaders to make the necessary compromises that brought peace."

Daniel A. Métraux
Professor of Asian Studies, Mary Baldwin College
President, SE Chapter, Association for Asian Studies




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